Just 2 Guyz

There's a corny video on youtube about two dudes who just need themselves to have a good time. Couldn't help but dial back to the video while looking at Chris and Max at their desk while selling rugs today.

In case you're interested to watch the video.


The day before Thanksgiving, Donna and her great niece Lindsay wait for free turkey's to be distributed by the local homeless shelter, St. Matthews House.

Snow in Naples

As the St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch was preparing his evening announcement about the grand jury finding "no probable cause exists" to charge Officer Darren Wilson with any crime in the death of Michael Brown, people in Naples, Florida were strolling the streets celebrating the start of another holiday season. Santa posed for pictures, live music was played and kids threw up their hands, feeling the city's best attempt to create snow.

About a church

A band of students stood outside a building where the local school board meets to protest the cancelation of their choir concert last month. A parent complained because the venue was a church. They've performed at this particular church for years and years. 

With pressure from the ACLU, the school feared a lawsuit and took action. Instead of a church, the students will perform at their school. 

At the meeting, signs were displayed, and voices spoke. "It's not about religion," they said. "It's about the acoustics." 

"We sing all sorts of songs. Jewish. Christian. Muslim." 

In the two hours of public comment, students commended their choir teacher and protested the canceled performance. 

One former student spoke about how she felt ostracized in the choir class because she wasn't religious. She felt odd about singing her concerts in front of a huge cross. She supported whoever complained. 

In the closing comments one of the school board members suggested the people take this to court. She ended her message by saying, "I know I'm not supposed to say this, but God bless you all." 

The crowd cheered to this, as if it had been about religion all along. 


Players on the Immokalee High School football team clasp hands in the locker room before heading out on the field for a game. They played in honor of three classmates who were killed in a car crash on Halloween, 2013. 

The Band

The band always marches in moments before kickoff during high school football games. Our community paper is looking to print photographs of the standout plays during the game, but I love this ritual just as much.

Our World

Sharing an Our World I wrote and photographed for our paper. I like these features so much....

Bar Mama

Outside, it’s hot and muggy. The summer heat cooks cars zooming along the road at 92 degrees fahrenheit. At a nearby beach, people are applying sunscreen.

Inside The Miscue Bar, a shaft of light floods into the dark and smoky room as someone walks in and takes a seat at the bar. Almost every spot is occupied by working men looking for a drink.

At the end of the bar, a gray-haired woman prepares food in a kitchen the size of a treehouse. She wears a striped shirt with two gold giraffes printed on the front. Her ears are adorned with traditional Irish Claddagh dangles and a gold cross hangs around her neck.

Everyone calls her Mama Carol, but her real name is Carol Martin. Fifty years ago she and her husband started it all.

At first they struggled to get a loan, but eventually they gathered enough and built the bar with their own hands. Carol worked alongside her husband, Bob. She was mostly in the kitchen. Bob, worked as the manager.

A lot can happen in 50 years. Customers made the bar a staple. Some raced turtles along pool tables in the back. They held weddings. They had funerals. Comedians performed on a stage in the corner. Rock bands debuted their tunes. Carol had three kids. She lost her husband. She lost her oldest son.

Mama Carol is 80. She says she will never leave this place. For her, working here feels like a night out.

She puts the final touches on a roast beef sandwich and sets it in front of a customer seated at the bar.

“Thank you mom,” he says while diving into his first bite.

Those seated around him sip on bottles of beer. They are proud to be regulars at Miscue. It’s a landmark, they say, the oldest bar in Fort Myers.

                                                                          *here's what it looked like in print


Benito has worked around agriculture during the eleven years he has lived in the states. He said he plans to going home to Veracruz, Mexico soon. He hasn't been back since he left. For now, he lives in Immokalee where picking tomatoes brings in money that he can send home.