Buried in Coal published in Der Spiegel

In November, Der Spiegel published a multimedia I produced about The Wayuu in northern Colombia and how they are affected by disenfranchisement. For years Wayuu people in La Guajira survived from subsistence farming and a semi-nomadic culture in the harsh conditions of the desert. But if no action is made to change the present conditions of water scarcity, malnutrition and pollution they may disappear in the coming decades. One of the most impactful decisions was in 1976 when Carbocol agreed to exploit the coal of Cerrejón. Today, the mine is one of the world's largest open coal mines, and spreads over 170,000 acres. The mine is responsible for diverting rivers, and their operation spreads toxic coal particles throughout neighboring communities. The result is tragic. Wayuu organizations estimate the death toll at nearly 14,000 people over the last eight years. 

The piece is behind a paywall for the first few weeks. 

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