The horizon is upon me

Hi. It's been a moment. I'm just now seeing that in three months I'll have been based in Los Angeles for a year. Whoa! Posting a much needed update to show you some of the work I've had in the time since I last wrote! 


I worked on this story for The Intercept about former Uber driver, Rachel Galindo. As a transgender person, Galindo faced harassment almost immediately when she started driving for the company. Passengers would ask her how much for a BJ, refereed to her as "it" and although she reported these incidents, the company responded using generic emails. It was years before she was able to speak to an Uber employee, but workplace discrimination persisted.


I worked on this story for Stat News about Dr. Richard MacKenzie, who specializes in eating disorders, bedside teaching and uses an integrated approach to medical disorders in adolescents at Children's Hospital Los Angeles.In a Netflix drama "To the Bone", Keanu Reeves plays the doctor based on Dr. Richard MacKenzie. 


I worked on this story for NBC news about Welcome To Junior High, a non-profit gallery in Los Angeles that showcases work made by marginalized voices. 


I worked on this story for the Washington Post about the Trump National Golf Club in Los Angeles. Ever since Trump entered the presidential race in 2015, revenue from this beachfront golf course has dropped.