About a church

A band of students stood outside a building where the local school board meets to protest the cancelation of their choir concert last month. A parent complained because the venue was a church. They've performed at this particular church for years and years. 

With pressure from the ACLU, the school feared a lawsuit and took action. Instead of a church, the students will perform at their school. 

At the meeting, signs were displayed, and voices spoke. "It's not about religion," they said. "It's about the acoustics." 

"We sing all sorts of songs. Jewish. Christian. Muslim." 

In the two hours of public comment, students commended their choir teacher and protested the canceled performance. 

One former student spoke about how she felt ostracized in the choir class because she wasn't religious. She felt odd about singing her concerts in front of a huge cross. She supported whoever complained. 

In the closing comments one of the school board members suggested the people take this to court. She ended her message by saying, "I know I'm not supposed to say this, but God bless you all." 

The crowd cheered to this, as if it had been about religion all along.