Things fall apart

"Things-places-moments-they can die slowly. They can fall apart. Crumble like boulders under the sky. But not us. We wink away like the flame of a candle. We pass like whispered breath. We are either alive or dead. Either beings or bodies. There is nothing in-between. 

"No matter how shattered or ravaged, if your mind isn't dead-if your soul still recognizes itself-you are alive. Complete, utter and whole. I know this, now. I don't need to ask for anyone's trust. It is true. 

"Abandon the sorrows that you think are slowly killing you. Disempower them, for no sorrow can unmake what has no seems to unsew. No griping and moaning in the night or yearning for a half understood finale will give it to you. It will come on its own, and only then after you have lived. However broken, however beaten, however bruised." 

-Evan Bingham Scofield, a man whose life was robbed from him two days ago.