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It was not long ago that I lived in San Francisco and would drive myself over to Vallejo to document the city. Once change in my pocket was great enough to pay the tolls I'd go. In 2008, the city filed for bankruptcy and I kept reading that it was doing better. When I got there, in 2011, it was easy to see while driving around and talking to folks that the city was still operating in the red.

The guy in the photograph above told me he was Jesus. He was living in a tent behind a closed down Walmart. See, Walmart moved to Vallejo and they wanted to expand. But plans didn't allow for that. So, they closed down and moved away. The entire shopping center around Walmart was barren too. Closed, or nearly closed stores and restaurants that could have thrived with the steady flow of Walmart go-ers. And then there was Jesus who moved in because of a purpose he said he was there for. Something big. But, he wasn't sure yet.