Grants for the Arts for the San Francisco Chronicle

The last week I was in Tijuana photographing Liliana Ramos. She was deported in September, and was forced to leave her 3 kids in Bend, Oregon. I started photographing Liliana over the summer, when she was still together with her family. It's been hard for her in Tijuana, she's without her family and has not had luck finding a job. When I crossed the border into the US late last night I felt the 50 foot stretch of land between Mexico-US easy for me to dance between. yet, it's so hard for others.

The story was picked up by USA Today, so a writer William M. Welch met me across the border. I was happy to see that this story, representing many similar stories, will get exposure.

While I was away, another assignment I shot for the Chronicle was published. Click, click on the web page screenshot above to take you to the article.