The resourceful website

A good friend and classmate, Matthew Craig, created a website displaying my work for a class project. The website is in the direction many of us photographers should venture towards for our stories or projects. Instead of clicking through a set number of images on a portfolio site, someone can go to a site like this and access a more encompassing amount of information.

The website that Matt made contains a tab where you can click through the photo story Distinctively; a story about a family raising identical twins, one of which was born with Down syndrome. In another tab you can find resources; a place for parents, for people to gain background information about Down syndrome and also how to get involved.

Anyhow, it's a really sweet site. And, not because it's my work. I'd like to get into making websites like this for the stories I'm working on. I hope to see others do this as well. Stories are vehicles to talk about issues, so it only makes sense to create a site that allows people to maximize what they can learn.

Below is a screenshot of what you'll find when you click HERE to access the website.