Be here now

Moments after entering the Neebraska storm my hat flew from the car. Goodbye hat.
April Wonder Mckinnon. St. James, Missouri. I went to Ohio University because of my experience at Missouri Photo Workshop and getting to know April and her story.

Lewis Hall. Deadwood, South Dakota.  He reminds me of  this song.

Jim D. East. Somewhere in Kansas. He's holding onto the metal rack I use to hang my photographs. Craig and I found him locked out of his car. We used the rod to push the lock to un-lock. Success.
Craig Edelman. Driving my car along the moon-lit lake in Kansas.

The best off-the-main-road side-track. Somewhere in Kansas.

Kevan Lary. He worked the Super 8 motel in Deadwood, South Dakota.

 Craig. Stargazing.

A tribute to veterans. Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota.  

There is something fine about driving West. Maybe it's that I'm heading in the direction of family and home? I've been in the Midwest for the last two years, and the roots I laid down brought me much to gain. I want to keep it all with me--the stories, and moments within each.

Packing up in Athens, leaving the things I'd found over the last two years, was tough. Leaving is the hardest part. But, something I want to live by is to be here now--to be present, not let moments slip past ticks on a clock.

I hope you enjoy these images of the west-bound drive. I enjoyed making them.